Passion projects, various mediums, smaller scale, unrealized, or unfinished projects that hold
a place close to my heart.

For Fun- Ongoing


Personal project done in response to the political and cultural climate in the United States.

Categories: Motion Graphics
Tools: Adobe After Effects



Spring ‘21 fibers based studio project: a personal narrative using textiles.

Categories: Visual Narrative, Videography + Photography/ Editing
Tools: DSLR, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom


Original Acrylic Paintings done on canvas.

Categories: Fine Arts, Painting
Tools: Stretched Canvas, Acrylic






Spring ‘21 fibers studio conceptual project.

What if queer history was recorded, documented, and told from the point of view of those who lived it, not just those privelaged enough to have a platform?

My reimagined “living” memorial will be an ever changing collection of textiles from these members of the queer community. Others within the community may take what they like and leave their own textile artifacts in return. The only stipulation is that whatever you exchange or donate must have a story attached to it. It can be a note, a love letter, an old photo of someone wearing the item, a life story, a voice memo or a video on cassette tape from the 70s, but each donation/ exchange must have a story. This information is then uploaded into a database that records all of the information regarding each textile/story, which can be donated anonymously for privacy. Once that information is documented (which is the important part, really) the textiles are organized and put out in the space so people can interact with them, look through them, try them on, etc.

What if the people who makeup the community, who fight for its rights and recognition were themselves recognized and remembered? What if their stories were told? What would queer history look like then?

Categories: Conceptual, Memorial/Monument design, experiential/ interactive design.
Tools: Adobe Illusrator, InDesign

*Click here for a more in depth look at the process*